This site is for you, the board of directors of Qatar.

This aims at informing you as to, what is going on with your airline & how your costumer care agents are behaving with your costumers. So if you infact do care for your company, please pay close attention to what is happening to the people who keep your business going - that is your costumers.

Board of Directors :-

  Name                                                                                                 Position

Mr.  HH Hamad Bin Jassem Bin Jabr Al Thani                                    Chairman
Mr.  Akbar Al Baker                                                                   Chief Executive Officer  
Mr.  Ali Al Rais                                                                                Senior Manager
Mr.  Abdullah Gohar                                                                      General Manager
Mr.  Rinesh Ramakisson                                                               General Manager
Mr.  Joan Batten                                                                           General Manager
Mr.  Krishna Kumari                                                              Assistant General Manager
Mr.  Bernard Brevoc                                                                     Catering Manager
Mr.  Graine Raidy                                                                 Head of Emergency Plannin
Mr.  Salam Al Shawa                                                                       Senior Marketing
Ms. Samira Darwiche                                                   Ticketing and Reservations Manager
Mr.  Gregory Epps                                                           Frequent Flyer Program Manager
Ms. Elisabeth Bert                                                          Senior Public Relations Officer
Mr.  Ali Abdul Khaliq Ibrahim                                         Regional Manager, Arabian
Mr.  Marwan Koleilat                                                                      Senior Manager
Mr.  Abdullah Ghuloom                                                             Area Manager, Bahrain
Ms. Theresa Xavier                                                                   District Sales Manager




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